Sharing or Despairing

By December 1, 2011 2 Comments

I've made a hobby of collecting inspiring stories.  When I interview amazing people on my show, I've noticed that every single story without exception has a hard part in the middle.  These hard parts of life create a choice.  The choice is between sharing and despairing.  When you focus on your problem as if it is all about you, get ready for some serious despair.  When you realize that your problem has something to do with assisting others who have similar problems, and you get busy sharing what you've learned and how you've grown, life takes on new meaning and purpose.  I am so grateful for good people who are willing to share – it helps me feel less crazy and more hopeful in my own challenges.  Sharing or despairing – it's your choice!
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Recognize that each of us has the power to change the way react to the situations we face in life.

Marc Muchnick

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  • Andrea says:

    Thank you very much! What a good reminder to me as I am pushing through one of those hard parts of life.

  • Linda says:

    Thanks Dr. Paul! It makes all the difference, doesn’t it?! Keep up the great work! Short and simple messages I can digest- they improve my life the best!