I am all about self-improvement. Any time I come across a tool or way of thinking that challenges me, I am intrigued.

But, don’t call me a self-improvement junkie.

Self-improvement junkies indulge in self-help without any action. They read all the latest books, listen to podcasts, watch videos, and attend seminars, but never apply the ideas to their lives. They are seeking validation, but avoiding personal responsibility. They jump from one thing to another and never stick with anything long enough to realize improvements.

Self-improvement can help you to develop healthy habits, understand yourself and others, and open up possibilities, but only if you have a purpose and a realistic action plan. 

Self-improvement should be viewed as a journey, not a destination.

Your self-improvement plan should be based on principles to have lasting effects. If it is based on gimmicks and fads, you will see your results fade away just as quickly.

At Live On Purpose, we are principle-focused because principles applied correctly and consistently yield results.

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