“I’ll have a blue, blue Christmas, without you.” We know Elvis is singing about unrequited love, but there are many reasons people can be feeling the Holiday Blues.

Often other feelings accompany the malaise, including anxiety, loneliness, and stress. 

The good news is feelings change and there are things you can do to change your feelings. 

Everyone knows that taking care of yourself is the first and best way to reduce stress and manage anxiety, but with the busyness of the season, self-care often gets placed on the, “It’s a nice idea, but not happening,” list. 

Get out your list/calendar right now. That may mean getting out an actual planner or pulling out your phone or computer to access your calendar. Do it now.

Take a look at your month and begin scheduling some self-care. When are you going to exercise, drink your water, get some sleep, or have time with friends? Write it in your calendar and put it in pen. If the time isn't available, start erasing other things and make time.

We all have the same amount of minutes available every day, 1,140. No person alive gets more or less and you CAN prioritize yourself in those minutes. 

The result will be a less anxious, less stressed, happier, and positive person. 

You can not only survive the holidays, you can thrive. 

Beat the blues and start Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.