I was reminded the other day about commas. We use them when writing to create a space, a pause. 

How often though do we pause? We speed read through without paying any attention to the comma. Yet, a comma can make a powerful difference. 

“Let’s eat grandma,” or “Let’s eat, grandma.”

Most of you have seen this, but there is a HUGE difference in the meaning.

This got me to thinking of how we can use commas in our life. 

We can insert commas to create a space.

I know, in our society and hectic schedules we just want to get to the next thing.

We run and run and run and then we aren’t present for any of our tasks.

How sad, especially if our tasks involve people.

What if you created a pause?

To take a breath.

To look someone in the eye.

To shift your body.

To relax your shoulders, your jaw, or wherever it is you hold your tension.

To close your eyes.

To create a calm voice, calm facial expressions and calm body language.

Can you feel the calmness?

Give it a try, it is a game changer to experiencing peace throughout your day.

It changes how you see people.

It changes how people see you.

It creates peace and connection.

The power of a comma.

Simple things can make a huge difference.

Dr. Paul