When we film for YouTube, sometimes we have miss takes. Our miss takes occur because we might have set up the lighting at the wrong angle, a loud noise occurred or I just messed up. The film is stopped and we begin again. 

We get tipped over when we look at our mistakes as failures. That word leads to a different perspective that causes people to give up. 

The fear of failure causes people to not even venture, to not even try something because they are afraid of failing. 

We rob ourselves of valuable learning experiences by not trying. 

 If we can reframe our fear of failure a little differently, then we might want to try again. Robert Kiyosaki is the best-selling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, and he said, if you really want to succeed, start failing faster

He knows that on the road to success, there are going to be miss takes. There are going to be times when things didn’t turn out the way we planned. Don’t give up, CHANGE THE PLAN

 Live On Purpose Radio is a podcast I have been doing for over 12 years. I get to interview successful, inspiring people that we all admire, There is a common theme that runs through all of their stories and that is failure. 

They have had to get comfortable with their mistakes because that is part of the recipe for success. As we reframe our mistakes into miss takes, they become part of the success formula. 

Miss takes feel different and they are a little easier to accept. We don’t spend as much time wallowing in failure, we pick out what we need to learn and move on.

 Step one is to redefine mistakes and failure, plan for them, know they will occur in whatever you are doing, parenting, business, relationships. 

 Step two is to tell yourself that you can handle it, whatever “it” is. One thing that prevents people from even attempting to try is fear. Fear is centered on the belief that you can’t handle it. This triggers the natural fight-or-flight defensive mechanism in your brain and then you will avoid whatever it is that you think you can't handle. 

 So what if I fail that test? 

What if I fail that interview? 

What if I fail that venture? 

Tell yourself, you can handle it, it might not be fun, but you can handle whatever happens, especially if you end up succeeding. 

Take your fear out of the mix, give yourself a shot. 

 Step three, do more of what works and less of what doesn't. 

Realize, with gratitude in your heart that the only reason you know what works and what doesn't is because of your mistakes. Have some gratitude there for the mistakes that you've made. 

See your miss takes as something valuable to you in your learning process. 

Miss takes are universal, we all have them, learn from your miss takes and try again. 

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Dr. Paul