Something you may know about Dr. Paul is that I love family. 

I love my family. We had an opportunity recently to have all 4 kids at home for a week with their spouses and kids (and dogs). It was a crazy time as it seemed Jenkins’ were spilling out of the house. 

Vicki and I loved every minute of it. (Especially the time with the grandkids).

I have another family reunion coming up later this month. I don't get to see most of these people very often, but we have a link, a bond that grows stronger through the years. I have been attending these reunions my entire life and I am a grandpa now! Hard to believe. 

Our YouTube family has been growing over the last three years. It has taken a big spike recently and I am grateful for each one of you and your role in that.

If you don’t know, the channel had been around for a while, but not really a part of the business. 

Then I attended a talk and realized that there was a problem with distribution. I had important information that could help people, but how could I help people I would never be physically close to? The YouTube Channel.

I met with Nate Woodward and we put together a plan to get the message of positivity out to the world. 

Our goal is to reach as many people as we can and have as big an impact as possible. That is happening and I am so grateful for our YouTube family.

They are family to me as we interact with each other, and develop the tools to become more positive parents and people. 

Please take just a few minutes to share a video from Live On Purpose TV or an episode of Live On Purpose Radio with someone you know. If you subscribe and rate the podcast we can have an even greater impact by being seen. 

We wish we could get together with each of you in a big Live On Purpose Family Reunion. Who knows? Maybe one day we will have the resources to offer that.

Until then, know you are loved and appreciated.

Dr. Paul