Recently my computer was giving me some problems, things weren’t pulling up the way they should and I couldn’t get some of the add-ons to work. 

So, I did a reboot.

Yep, shut the whole thing down, gave it a rest and re-booted.

And wha-la, everything started working the way it should.

Sometimes our brains need a reboot.

It may be that our thoughts are not serving us well.

It may be that we are tired.

It may be that we have allowed some negative patterns to creep in.

It may be that we believe what we think.

Take a minute to shut down your brain. 

Get some rest, eat well.

When you are refreshed physically, then begin to analyze your thoughts. 

Do you have some negative thoughts that need to be challenged?

Are the ways you are thinking about people and circumstances serving you well? Might be time for a reframe.

Are there negative thought patterns that need to be challenged and reversed? 

Do you believe everything your brain says? It is vital to challenge our thoughts, especially if you are trying to achieve change in an area of your life. 

Remember, you are the boss of your brain and you are the one that can hit the reboot switch.


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