Have you ever gotten an error message from one of your devices that it can’t save your image or document because there isn’t enough memory storage?

Recently, this is what is happening in my brain. Thoughts are swirling around my head like sugarplums (or something like that).
If you ever feel this way a good hack to clear up some brain space is to do a brain dump.

Get a piece of paper, pencil or pen and set a timer for 5-10 minutes. Start writing down everything that comes to your mind. It could be a grocery list, items that need to be picked up, a relationship that is causing some concern. It could be people or places. It could be anxiety and worries. It could be silly and seemingly innocuous.

The idea is that by putting these on paper we don’t have to keep track of them in our heads. We have taken the first step to deal with them by acknowledging they exist and having a list to work from.

We might see something written that we recognize is troubling us. And we may not have realized how much these items affected our thoughts. Some people have reported a decrease in anxiety after doing regular brain dumps. 

Brain dumps earlier in the day can improve concentration and focus for tasks being done in the moment. If you have trouble sleeping you may want to try a brain dump before bed to clear out the clutter.

Whatever is going on in your brain, consider a brain dump to lighten the load, increase focus, creativity, and reduce anxiety and stress.

Ready, set, dump.


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  • Dawn Jones says:

    Hello, Dr. Paul!

    Thank you for your wonderful work and the hope you offer in relationships!
    On Quora one day, I noticed that someone had listed various ways each type might die (an odd list, mind you). The one for ENFP’s was hysterical: the enfp would die of too many open tabs…

    Blessings on you!
    Dawn Jones