We are creators by nature. Many religions promote the idea that humans are more than just a creation; they are actual offspring of the Creator. As a child of the Supreme Creator, what would that make you? A creator. It’s not that you can become a creator someday, you already are a creator. Just like a puppy is already a dog and a two year old child is already a person.

Our creation trait begins when we are created, and persists throughout our lives. It isn’t a virtue, it is simply a trait. It’s a constant. We are constantly creating something. The question is, what are we creating? A masterpiece? A mess? Both? We create whatever our discontent drives or inspires us to create.

The fact is, we enjoy encountering problems (discontent) and if there are no obvious problems we generate a few (intentional discontent) so we can enjoy creating a solution (intentional creation). That’s why we invent video games, board games, puzzles. We create discontent where it didn't exist before. We do it for the sheer enjoyment of creating a resolution. That’s why we enjoy games and sports.

Why aren’t there two footballs – two basketballs – two volleyballs – one for each team to play with so they don’t have to fight over it? If we remove the conflict we remove the fun.

Discontent is not going away. Problems will always present themselves to us whether expected or unexpected. The third of our problem solving tools is creation. Discontent is our opportunity to turn on our creative power to come up with innovative solutions.

Pain is inevitable. Misery is optional.

~ Tim Hansel