Have you heard the story of the little train that told itself, “I think I can, I think I can,” as it chugged up the steep hill? The little train was almost no match against the big hill, but in the end he did get up the hill because he told himself he could do it. 

He didn’t give up. (Can you tell I have been spending time with the grands?)

I talk a lot about having a positive mindset because when done with the correct intentions and setting yourself up for success, the result is more positive behavior. 

Our brains are trained from a very young age to default toward negativity or positivity. 

The good news is that even if your brain has been trained toward negativity, you don’t have to stay there.

Hebb’s Law was developed in 1949 by Donald Hebb and published in The Organization of Behavior: A Neuropsychological Theory. “Hebb says that ‘when the axon of a cell A is close enough to excite a B cell and takes part on its activation in a repetitive and persistent way, some type of growth process or metabolic change takes place in one or both cells, so that increases the efficiency of cell A in the activation of B.’”

In plain English – neurons that fire together stay together.

The connection becomes stronger and are hardwired in the brain.

Imagine if those connections were positive.

It leads me to think that if we create more positive bonds, our behavior will become more positive.

That is the science behind positivity and I have seen it happen in my life and so many others.

Try it in yours.

Intentionally create more positivity in your brain and watch the positive behavior follow.

Check out some videos below to get your positivity fired up in your brain.