Remember the mood ring? 

You put the ring on your finger and watched the stone change color. It would tell you what you were feeling. 

It sounds so silly now, especially since I have learned so much about the brain, but it was fun.

Recently I heard someone talking about the mood of America and how bad it was. 

And I thought, “Moods change.”

Just as easily as we can be in a bad mood, we can also be in a good mood.

Our mood is dictated by how we process what is going on around us. 

Take a look at what you are taking in.

Is the majority of your reading, listening and scrolling of a negative nature?

If so, I can almost guarantee that your mood will not feel good to you. 

I get it, we want to be informed, we are concerned about what is happening and we want change. 

It is so easy to read article after article or watch the news and think there is no good left in the world.

But, there is.

There are kind acts and generous people doing their best, everyday.

If you are finding yourself in a constant negative mood, I challenge you to look at what you are taking in. 

Consider a media fast. Go without the negative flow of information for a week and see how your mood changes.

Or, unsubscribe to everything that isn’t feeding you positivity. 

Subscribe to those sites that will up your positivity.

Remember the last time you were in a great mood and what was happening at the time. Was it the people you were around, what you were doing? Replicate it.

If you need help interpreting the events happening around you and putting them in a more positive light, our coaches can help get your positivity powered up and your mood.

Dr. Paul