Make a tight fist and don’t open your hand.

Now catch what I throw to you.

It is a little hard to catch something when your hand is tightly fisted. 

I use this example when talking to clients who are having a hard time letting go of something. 

When they are having a hard time moving past an event or relationship.

As long as they continue holding onto the person or event, they can’t receive what may be tossed their way.

They can’t grasp onto a new perspective, a new relationship, a new possibility.

All they have is a closed fist and feel defeated.

I get why they don’t open their fist. It may be for comfort. Even though they say they don’t like what they are wrapping their fingers around, they have been that way for a long time. They don’t know what having an open hand would feel like. 

Or, they don’t believe that something better could come their way. 

But, what if?

When you release your tightly-fisted hand, it usually causes other places in your body to relax. Your shoulders, perhaps your jaw, the muscles in your arms. 

By releasing your fist, it affects the other parts of your body and also your mind. 

Try it. 

Make that fist, Hold onto it – tight. Shake it around if you want.

Then let it go.

Feel your muscles relax.

Feel the stress leave your body.

Feel the peace.

It doesn’t make what happened right or even o.k.

It does allow you to move on, with open hands to catch your new opportunity.

Give it a try today.

Dr. Paul