Live On Purpose, No Matter What

By April 5, 2009 No Comments

You hopefully watched the video clip I posted last week of Mary Louise Zeller.  Mary Louise is a 5th degree black belt and 8 time world champion in Tae Kwan Do. At the age of 65, Master Zeller continues to coach and compete, and is preparing for the next olympics when others her age are cheering on their grandkids to do so. She is truly an example of living an ageless and limitless life.  I was honored to interview her this week (watch Live On Purpose Radio for the show in a few days).  She pointed out that sometimes we don't feel like doing what we know we should to move forward with our goals.  Well, how we feel is sometimes no more significant than the weather report.  Sometimes the weather is stormy, and sometimes it is clear.  Live on purpose, no matter what!

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