“Knowing is half the battle.”

You can’t really win half the battle. You have still lost in the end.

Knowing is not doing.

You can have the best, most strategic battle plan, but until you put it into action you don't even have half a chance of winning.

Knowing and doing are two very different things, and often the gap between the two can be the greatest challenge when it comes to achieving success. 

Knowing is just the beginning – it is the first step in a process to achieve anything. Knowing is important because it gives us the information and understanding that we need to make decisions and take action. It is the foundation of any plan or goal, so it is essential that we take the time to gain knowledge and insight into the situation.

Doing, on the other hand, is the implementation of that knowledge. 

It is the action required to turn ideas into reality and to turn our goals into accomplishments. 

Doing requires us to take risks, to commit to our decisions and to be willing to face the consequences of any action we take. 

So, how do we move from knowing to doing? The answer is to create a plan and to take small, consistent steps toward our goals. Remember last week we talked about the important of using habits to reach goals? 

Establishing good habits will help us to reach the overall goal we desire. 

By doing we learn what works and what doesn’t work for us. We can adjust.

We need to be willing to make decisions, even if they are not perfect, and to learn from our mistakes. 

We must also be willing to accept failure and use it as a learning experience. 

At Live On Purpose Central we give you the tools to gain the knowledge you need and through Ask Dr. Paul and private coaching you get the ability to do.