I don’t know about you, but my calendar is getting full. 

Opportunities that were closed to me a year ago are starting to open up.

Part of me says, “Yes!” I have missed this and it feels good to be able to do this again.

Part of me thinks, “There were things about a less hectic schedule that were really nice.”

Maybe you have had these same conflicting feelings. 

I find myself not wanting to go back to being “busy” all the time. 

It is good to have choices, we all want options. Could one choice be, I will sit this one out?

Do we have to attend every event?

Do we have to throw a party because we did last year?

The answer is no.

We don’t have to do any of those things and perhaps there is a clue in that.

If we feel as though we HAVE to, then maybe we should question if it is the best thing for us.

When we are living our lives out of duty and not taking any joy in the moment, then we might be doing something wrong.

We should be taking joy in what we are doing.

This doesn’t mean that every event excites us. We have events that in and of themselves bring us no excitement, but we love someone to whom it means a great deal. That is a reason to do something.

As I enter things into my calendar I am also entering time for me to have some personal development. 

This is a time for me to recharge my batteries so I can be fully present and have the energy for the other items on the calendar. 

It takes less duty out of the daily tasks.

Don’t allow your calendar to control your life, control your calendar so you can live your life on purpose.

Dr. Paul