I was trained as a traditional psychologist, so I practiced like one.

My patients were taught how to be a patient so they made an appointment, showed up, we talked for 50 minutes and they made another appointment on the way out. 

What I have discovered is that there are other ways to be a psychologist. 

I made a huge change when I stopped taking insurance, labeling people with a diagnosis and being told when it was time to end their care. 

I was frustrated. 

And so I acted more like a coach and my patients became clients.

I began to see people achieve more, take control and experience happiness.

Over the years the business model has been changing and continues to change.

And I have found that Group Coaching is really effective. I kind of already knew that having run youth and prison groups, but the benefits are much broader. 

If you think traditional one-on-one coaching is the only type of coaching for you, think again. 

I will address the benefits of group coaching in the next newsletter.

Until then,