Imaginations are powerful.

Imagination is the ability to see something that isn’t in the present. It is the ability to dream up something new, to be creative and resourceful.

Imagine if you could feel calm and hopeful when things are tumultuous. 

Imagine if you were presented with a problem and you knew immediately what to do.

Imagine if you went a whole day without losing your patience.

What is your imagine if?

When we do exercises like this we tend to imagine something better, something that will increase our happiness.

Yet, we have the ability to think up something worse and some people automatically go there. I call it defaulting to the negative. 

I also call it stinkin’ thinkin’.

Next time you find your thoughts going to the negative know that you have control.

Boss your brain.

Tell your brain you are the boss and you want to imagine something better.

Give the situation a positive outcome.

It may take some time to get there, but it can happen.

Keep believing.

Keep imagining.