How are you doing dealing with your frustration? When we are frustrated, we tend to feel stuck, we are in blaming mode and we aren’t using the executive function of our brains. If you missed our last email on why it is important to deal with the feeling of frustration, you can check it out in our previous post. 

With our brains calmed and our emotions under control we can move onto creation. 

Creation is using the feelings of discontent to make something better than we have presently. 

We do that by imagining something better than we have right now. 

There is also something else going on as we move into creation. We are evaluating what we have against the thing we are imagining as being better.

This is where some people get stuck. They see themselves as victims. I am in the place I am now because (fill in the blank). 

Now, I am not saying that sometimes life is not fair or those around us can trick or use us in ways that are just not right. It happens. When it does, if we choose to continue to blame others, we aren’t going to see a way out of where we are. 

When we switch to agent mode, we use our discontent to ask and answer better questions. 

Asking, “Why me?” Is probably not going to generate an answer that will get you to a better place.

Asking, “If not this, then what?” leads us to imagine something better. 

Once we have that image in our heads, we can come up with a plan that will take us on the path to arrive at what we have imagined. 

Now, arriving at the destination will not just happen by thinking positive thoughts. We have to go to work and we have to work hard to make it happen. 

Now, I am not only talking about working hard for material things, it may be that we want to create a better attitude, relationship, or become more positive. These take hard work also to realize. Work is not always about making money, it is about arriving at the feeling that we all crave. 

This is Living On Purpose, creating the life we love and want.

Dr. Paul