Idle Worship

By April 30, 2008 3 Comments

In biblical times, people were often warned of the evils and perils of idol worship.  While I think that we have tendencies toward that in today’s world as well, another problem that saps the strength of some of our best people is “idle” worship.  The allure of easy money, or of sitting idle and relying on the productivity of others has enticed many to pursue a course that actually creates more captivity.  Industry, creativity, and good old fashioned hard work are time-tested principles that can breathe the life back into a struggling economy.


Make something today!

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  • Daniel Burns says:

    Amen Jessica!

    I am in exactly the same boat as you – yep, yoohoo, over there, that’s me near the railing with the green shirt on (excuse my sense of humour) – and it becomes apparent very quickly that without the hard work, the rest is fairly empty. The hard work is the petrol, all the other stuff is the car.

    And you are so right on your second point about hard work being energising. I used to be excited about getting up and going to work when I had a job… then I started a business – excitement doesn’t cover it!

  • As a new business owner, the lesson that I learn over and over again is that there truly is no substitute for good ol’ hard work! Yes planning and pondering are important, and creativity can go a long way, but without dedicated, consistent action, nothing gets done! The encoraging thing is that if you are doing work that you love, all that work will be terribly rewarding and even addicting, energizing you and giving you great happiness and satisfaction in your life!