There has been a lot going on in 2020.

I am hearing from lots of people that their homes are not running exactly how they have in years past. Many parents are still working from home, and kids have less activities and some are experiencing remote learning. This can put a lot of pressure on parents and I am hearing from a lot of moms.

They are being asked to do more and more. Have more involvement in their child’s education, (daily guidance for some) and keeping the kids active and engaged.

Dad’s we can play a huge role in helping our kids and our wives.

I have a few ideas for you to consider.

I remember taking a little walk with my kids one day through the house. And we identified things that were not in their place. If you have kids you know what I mean, there are toys, clothes, and stuff all over the place.

I asked my kids at every point. “Whose job is it to take care of that? Whose job is it to put that thing in its place? Whose job is it to clean that thing up?” They said, “Well, it's whoever's job that left it there.” Okay, not a bad answer, not the best answer. When mom walks through that house, she assumes it's her job. And she just takes care of it. what if we could all be better moms?

Actively help the kids to pick up after themselves. Don’t assume that the dishes are your wife’s responsibility. Get in there and do the dishes if they need doing. Pay attention to what needs to be done in the house and don’t wait for your wife to ask, or for her to become so obviously overwhelmed that there is now a problem.

Everybody has a chore that they really don’t like to do. Whatever that chore is for your wife, you take it on.

My wife, Vicki, absolutely hates laundering and changing the sheets on the bed. Now, she'll do it and she'll take it on just like she does everything else. I don't mind it that much but even if I did, how much better of a husband and father would I be if I just stepped up and took care of that thing that she hates to do?

If you don’t know how to do something, ask for directions. This is one of the pet peeves I hear about when I survey wives about what bothers them about their husbands.

Not asking directions is actually a form of destructive pride. Be humble enough to ask for directions.

Listen. Again, you've got two ears and one mouth.

With so much being thrown at your wife, she may just need to verbalize all that is happening. She doesn’t really want you to take care of everything, she just wants to feel that she isn’t in this alone.

Listen and show her that you are listening. Repeat back to her what you understand that she just said. This is going to blow her away. By repeating back, you are showing that you are listening and following what she is saying. She will feel that she has someone to consult with and is not in this alone.

There is a divine power in gratitude.

Gratitude expressed is appreciation.

Let your wife know that you appreciate all that she does. Let the people in your home know they are your top priority. There is nothing else in your life that's quite as important as your sweet wife and your dear children. Let them know that. This strengthens you as a man and as a husband. You will be seen as a person of influence as you practice and express appreciation.

Lastly, smile and be positive. What a gift that is to the people in your life. If you are all grumpy and you are focused on things that aren't going well or you are complaining about everything, that creates a negative energy that just sucks people down. Smile and give them the gift of positivity. Set the mood for your home.

Quick recap:

1. Pick up stuff

2. Whatever chore it is that your wife doesn’t really like, do it

3. Ask for directions

4. Listen

5. Express Gratitude

6. Smile and be POSITIVE

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Dr. Paul

“Being a great father is like shaving. No matter how good you shaved today, you have to do it again tomorrow.

Reed Markham