The other day I was doing a task around the house and I took a shortcut. 

It wasn’t really so much a shortcut as just being sloppy. My mind was on the next task.

I stopped and said out loud, “You can do better.” 

Now no one was around to see and who knows if anyone would have noticed the sloppiness, but I knew that I was capable of doing better. I took an extra 5 seconds and did the task right. 

I know it’s not a big deal, but I tend to think that if we take the time to do small things right, we are more likely to get the big things in life right.

We may go the extra mile in serving our clients, being present in our families and being honest in all we do. 

This is not about cleaning the house. It is hopefully about the power of a comma and pausing in our daily lives to show up for those who we say mean the most to us. 

I was attempting to show up for my wife (since I didn’t want her to think she has to go behind me and clean correctly). I wanted to get a small thing right for her.

No one will ever know, except me. And I knew I could do better.

I often say, we do better when we know better. 

This is true if we are Living On Purpose and being intentional about our actions.

It is through small shifts, telling ourselves that we can do better and then getting our minds in the present and doing our best that we make the biggest difference for the others who share space with us. 

What area can you do just a little bit better at today?

Dr. Paul