Dr. Paul has been really busy lately so we are giving him a week off and taken over the newsletter.

We often joke about some of Dr. Paul's catch phrases and can often anticipate what Dr. Paul will say before he says it.

We call these Dr. Paulism's. While you won't find this term in the dictionary, as soon as you hear a few, you know what we mean.

Let's see how well you know Dr. Paul. Take the Dr.Paulism Quiz and keep your score.

Here we go:

  • Love your kids no matter what and even if…
  • Simple isn't easy
  • People over possessions
  • Values over valuable
  • That's a thought
  • The great thing is you don't have to like it (or want to do it)
  • Or not
  • You are never wrong about how you feel
  • You are always right about how you feel
  • Feel the fear and do it anyway
  • Does that serve you well?
  • I'm working for YOU
  • Honored to be on your team
  • Circumstances are neutral
  • Default is down
  • I'm not here to tell you how to think, I just want you to see that you are thinking
  • It's not a choice until you see it as a choice
  • It's about stage, not age
  • You are right on track
  • You are the parent your child needs
  • Kids don't keep
  • I have a thought about that, let me know if you would like to hear it

How many did you get?

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6-10 – Keep watching Live On Purpose TV, consider adding a membership to Live On Purpose Central to get more fluent in Paulism's

11-15 You are right on track, keep going

16+ – You are Pathologically Positive, spread the good

We would love to hear some of your favorites. Leave a comment with the ones that you can't get out of your head.

Live On Purpose Team