How to Choose to Be Happy

With everything on our to do lists and media bombarding us at all times, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and depressed. Would you believe me if I told you there is a way to stop feeling overwhelmed and depressed and choose to be happy? On a recent YouTube episode of Live On Purpose TV, Devan Bosch shared several experiences he has had in doing just this.

Devan shared that when we are feeling down, the focus is on ourselves. We are thinking about our wants, our needs, our experiences, our feelings. The arrow, or our focus, is entirely inward. If we stay in this mode for long it is easy to experience victim thoughts and allow past hurts to have centerstage. We need to turn the arrow around, get the focus off ourselves and start thinking about others, what they might be experiencing and how you might be able to meet a need. By getting the focus off ourselves and getting the arrow turned around, we can ward off depression. When we help to lift the burden from someone else, our burdens are eased. Wow! One action and two incredible results.

Please take this call to action. If you haven’t thought yet of someone you might reach out to, pause at the end of this article until a name or action comes into your mind. Don’t ignore it, if you can’t reach out to them right now, pick a time, schedule it and follow through. I would love to hear your experiences so share in the comments section.

Listen to more of Devan's experiences here and get ready to aim and fire away to help someone else!

“Those who are the happiest are those who do the most for others.”

Booker T. Washington