I am going to share with you my direct experience in how to actually start a life coaching business. Since you're here, I can tell a few things about you already because the people who are looking for this kind of information are already feeling called to do something. Now, I use the word called because that's the word I hear from a lot of the people that I'm mentoring and training as life coaches. They feel driven to do this work. They have a story or a message that is so important that they just really feel called to present it to people so that it makes a difference for them. And if that is true for you, I think you're probably in the right place. If you're feeling called to this, you can't ignore it. It's something that will continue to hound you and knock at your mind until you do something about it. And that is why we are here.

The first and maybe best tip that I can give to you is to turn your brain on. By that I mean you are going to have to activate parts of your brain that have not been used this way in the past. If you are transitioning from something else for example and you are used to the day job or you are used to the way you have been doing things for the past several years, it is not going to feel very natural to shift into an entrepreneurial mindset that allows you to actually start a life coaching business.

Turn your brain on and be open to some new possibilities. Better is always different. No, it is not true the other way around. Because different is not always better. And that is why we have some apprehension and anxiety sometimes when we think about making a change or starting a new venture. It is no different with life coaching. Even though you already understand a lot of the principles that allow you to be successful and happy in life, actually changing your practices to get into a new mode of serving and helping people like life coaching is going to feel awkward and uncomfortable to you. You will need some education and you will need some new information. As you accommodate all of these new things, make sure that your brain is open and receptive and turned on.

You are going to need some clarity around a number of different things before you can actually launch into your life coaching business. I am not going to take a lot of time here to talk about that. If you want more information go to liveonpurpose.coach/webinar, I've put it together a 50-minute webinar for you which is free and covers 7 different clarities. You have to be clear about who you will serve. About what your message is. About how you will deliver it. There are 7 of these clarity's in the webinar.

The webinar follows right along with turn your brain on. You need to access new information in order to do this effectively. Everyone is at a different point in their journey or their development wherever you are right now is perfect for you. Embrace it. If you are just barely starting out, just barely thinking about this, that's totally fine. I was there too. Beginnings are part of the journey. If that is where you are, that is fine. If you have taken a few steps, that is fine as well. If you have tried something and it has not worked, even better because you have identified some things that don't work for you. The journey itself is a worthwhile venture. So, just acknowledge wherever you are in that path.

Many of the coaches, especially the newer coaches or people who are aspiring to do this that I talk to feel inadequate or they feel kind of like they are imposters in the space. Or they feel like they are not fully prepared for it. Okay, when are you going to feel fully prepared? When? There is always something else that you can do to improve. Let's just chill for a minute and accept that wherever you are in your journey is perfect for you. Embrace that. We will start from there and then you can continue to move forward and do whatever is next.

The next point that I want to emphasize is association. Associate with like-minded people who get it, who understand why you are feeling called to this work. This is extremely important. There will be plenty of naysayers. In fact, I am expecting that some people are going to make comments down below about how this is a terrible idea. That's fine, don't worry about that. Don't allow the naysayers to dissuade you from the calling that you feel that you have to do this. Are there people doing it successfully? Yes, there are. And you will want to associate with them. Get some coaching. Join a mastermind group. Get into an association of people who understand what this is all about and who can support you in moving forward productively. The other powerful thing about that association is that it allows you to get support and training and consultation in ways that are extremely powerful as you move forward with your practice.

I hope this is getting the juices flowing for you about what might be next for you. Here's the kicker. Take courageous action. The word courage implies fear. If you don't feel a little fear, you are probably not thinking big enough. There are resources available to you. Do whatever is necessary to access those resources. Courageous action also means that you are willing to put some skin in the game, that you have time and money and resources that you are prepared to invest in you and in your ability to serve other people.

This is also not about you. This is about the people that you can serve and enrich and lift and elevate because you showed up. Until you show up, they don't get the benefits. This is not about you. This is why I feel so personally passionate about serving and training and supporting and mentoring people who are feeling called to this particular line of work. It's totally doable, and hopefully by taking some of these steps, you too can get to a point where you actually start coaching.

Make sure you watch the webinar, LiveOnPurpose.coach/webinar. If you are serious about taking this to the next step, you can also schedule a discovery call with me after you watch the webinar with a link that will be provided at the end of the webinar.