I like hacks. 

Not the kind of hack that gets personal and sensitive data from a computer system.

I like the hacks that help us cut through thick things.

Small hacks, help to cut through to what is really vital.

Like when it seems there are 5 balls being thrown at you at the same time.

You can’t catch all 5, so which one do you attempt to catch?

Mere self-preservation has you curling up in a ball and covering your head. At least metaphorically.

What if you had a hack to empower you to know which ball you needed to catch?

W. I. N.

What’s Important Now? Lou Holtz drilled this into his football players at Notre Dame.

Asking those three simple words can help to cut through the five balls to grasp the one that is important NOW. 

It allows us to focus in the moment. 

It helps us stay in the now. 

To be present. 

To not worry about the past or the future. 

Some of those balls are not real, they are what we are imagining in our minds that create anxiety for us. 

When we focus on What’s Important Now, some of the balls evaporate.

And that reduces stress immediately.

It allows our minds to stay focused. 

As we enter the holiday season, keep these three letters in mind. 

W. I. N. What’s Important Now?

Take the WIN!