It may be easier to make decisions working alone, but I have found working with others usually results in a better outcome.

This is because when I have the brain power, experiences, background, and resources of multiple people working with me, rather than just mine, we can create a superior product. 

When I have someone to challenge my thoughts, my preconceived ideas, and show me a different perspective, then I am able to level up.

Our head trash can keep us in the same rut, doing the same thing over and over. 

That is perfectly fine – if you are okay with the outcome.

If you want something different, then it is time to bring in a different perspective. It is time to find someone who will challenge your thoughts. It is time to find someone who will stretch you and suggest different ways of doing what you are doing to get a different result.

This is why I use coaches. They have helped me reconfigure my thoughts and way of doing things to get a better understanding of myself. 

If you are ready to take the next step in challenging yourself and create some different outcomes, schedule your breakthrough call.