How Do I Get It In Me?

By September 24, 2008 2 Comments

 There is always a natural law or an eternal principle that can be applied to solve the problems we as humans face.  Brian Regan has a routine about pop-tarts having instructions printed on the package – the joke is that it is hard to imagine someone standing with a pop-tart and being totally stumped about “How do I get this goodness in me?!”  Principles are powerful to change people’s lives, but we have that same dilemma – “How do I get this goodness in me?!”  There is a five-part theory of change that outlines our challenge.  In order for principles to truly create change in someone’s life they have to go through a predictable process:


1.    Encounter – you have to first encounter or be exposed to the principle

2.    Recognize – something about the encounter has to ring with you to recognize the principle as truth.  This is the “aha” experience that many will have in a great presentation, or the spiritual confirmation of truth.

3.    Embrace – this is the process of getting the principle into your neural pathways, so it becomes part of how you actually think on a habitual basis – sending the belief into the subconscious mind.

4.    Live – it does no good to have a principle in your mind unless you can get it into your shoes, so that it walks around in your life.

5.    Share – once a principle creates meaningful change, freedom, and liberty in your life, you are almost compelled to share it with others – this step often comes and follows very naturally when the others happen.


Seriously (or maybe to be less serious for a moment) take 3 ½ minutes to watch the following clip – a laugh right now will shrink whatever problem you were working on before I interrupted you!


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  • Thanks for sharing the laugh. Now, if we just had micro-wave instructions to get those principles of prosperity ‘in-me’.

    –Dave Charbonneau

  • Dr Paul,

    Thanks for the timely message. I can recognize this process in my own progression.

    The Brian Regan clip is hilarious. Thanks for sharing. It did brighten my day, but your M-Power message was not an interruption. I look forward to them every week. Thanks for blessing my life.

    Best wishes,
    Diana Gourley