From a positive psychology perspective, our mind handles two very distinct tasks – evaluation of what is, and creation of what is to be. Powerful creation starts with and is powered up by what we do in the evaluation mode. When we find the good in what is, we are in position to create something even better.
The fastest way I know to positive evaluation is through gratitude. Here is a quick exercise that will put you into this positive energy in a powerful way. I call it 25/5. The five part stands for five days. The twenty five part is a gratitude list. For each of the next five days, starting today, make a written list of twenty five things for which you are sincerely grateful. Don't make it up, you have to be genuinely grateful for it if you put it on your list. Don't repeat anything on tomorrow's list that you had on today's list. At the end of this five day exercise, you will be in a positive evaluation of what is, and ready for moving on to that powerful creation mode.
Comment here about your experience with this, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving week powered up by gratitude.
Very often a change of self is needed more than a change of scene ~ Arthur Christopher Benson

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