“Buy now while supplies last! Get while the getting is good. All good things must come to an end.”
There is never enough. Never enough good deals. Never enough stuff in our closet or garage. Never enough time, money, love, attention. Sometimes we operate in a constant perception of scarcity.
From a position of scarcity, not only can we never have enough, we can never do enough, or be enough. This scarcity focus starts first thing in the morning with a depressed groan, “I never get enough sleep.” “I don’t have the energy to do this.” “I don’t have time.” In scarcity mode we constantly feel overwhelmed and dissatisfied. We always need more.
Scarcity perception causes us to grab, hoard, cling to, all we can. We are there in force on Black Friday (which is now creeping in on Thursday). We shop in a feeding frenzy, climbing over and pushing others out of the way so we can grab what we want.
In scarcity mode we see a constant diminishment of resources. It will all go away and we will never again have the chance to have what we want.
In abundance mode we not only see abundance, we actually create abundance. There is enough and to spare, and there always will be. We know this is true because, if for no other reason, we create it.
Because we live in abundance, we may save wisely, but feel no need to hoard. An abundance mentality amplifies and magnifies resources, enhancing the realization of abundance.
Abundance mindset leads to philanthropy. From abundance we have an innate desire to contribute. While in scarcity mode we use people to help us get things; in abundance mode, we use things to help us serve people. We put our resources to the highest and best use, which includes generous contributions to others.
FranklinCovey co-founder, Hyrum Smith, said everything we produce above and beyond what is sufficient for our own needs, is given to us to bless others.
The “surplus” abundance is not meant for us to have and hoard but as a resource which empowers us to serve.
My son shared THIS ARTICLE with me today with some compelling info-graphics from Peter Diamandis – good positive news that our world is actually getting better! As the U.S.A. celebrates Thanksgiving, be grateful for abundance!

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  • Mike Pruett says:

    Thanks Dr. Paul, I enjoyed your thoughts about abundance and the quote from Hyrum Smith. I like the concept about keeping only what is sufficient for your needs then using the rest to help other people. However. I have questions about Hyrum Smith. Did you know he sold his business to Covey for $60 million dollars? How many millions did he keep for himself as sufficient for his needs? How much did he give away?

    • DrPaul says:

      Thanks for the comment Mike. I’m not aware of any specifics about Mr. Smith, and like you, I appreciate that quote for a lot of reasons. Abundance empowers philanthropy.