How did your family conversations go? 

Did you try any of the “would you rather questions?”

Now that we have everyone talking, I want to introduce you to something you may be aware of, Family Councils. 

This is a time where you come together at a regular time and discuss what is going on in your family.

Do your kids ever fight over bathroom time?

Do you and your partner ever argue over household matters?

What about the bigger issues of discussing drug and alcohol use with your children?

This is the beauty of family councils – when they are being held on a regular basis. 

*Pick a regular day and time, (Thursday at 7:30pm or every other Sunday at 2pm)

*Pick a topic for each week

*Parents can take turns leading the meeting

*Pick a game, an activity, something everyone can do 

*Talk about a principle

*Have a treat

*Have fun. If you are not having fun, you are doing it wrong

Who wouldn’t want to come to this type of family council?

There are fun and treats.

The parents can pick the topic or the kids can suggest a topic. 

It could be the principle of working together as a family and have an activity that shows when you work together, the load is lighter.

It could be talking about schedules and bathroom time in the morning so everyone can get where they need to be on time.

It could be the principle of positivity.

It could be teaching about money and finances.

It could be choosing where you want to vacation together as a family and maybe some money making projects to fund a special trip.

It could be a conversation about internet usage, gaming, or sex.

These topics aren’t as awkward when you are already having conversations. 

Challenge: get your family together, come up with a time, take turns choosing an activity and a treat. Start now! You can create a stronger family culture.

Dr. Paul