Facing Your Giants Teleseminar

By January 22, 2009 3 Comments

Facing Your Giants Teleseminar

In this special episode of Live On Purpose Radio, Dr. Paul publishes a teleseminar called Facing Your Giants.  In this presentation, Dr. Paul shares four steps to restore your confidence in taking down the giants in your life including:

  1. Identify and Define the Giant
  2. Revive and Nurture Your Vision
  3. Gather Your Resources to Slay the Giant
  4. Transform Adversity Into Opportunity

A special offer to the attendees is mentioned at the end of the presentation through http://fygoffer.eventbrite.com.  The password for the offer is “fyg”.   If you picked up this podcast after the expiration date of the offer, please contact Dr. Paul at drpaul@liveonpurposeradio.com for an alternative offer just for Live On Purpose Radio subscribers, and mention “Facing Your Giants” in the subject line.

Remember, nothing can be IN your way, unless you are already ON your way!


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  • Mahmed says:

    My son is about to be 14 in February. He has not had a good relationship with his faehtr for years. He’s a very intelligent child who is very aware of his dads actions from previous years up to now. I have full custody of both my children, which was signed by both of us 2 years ago. Their dad has the normal every other weekend visits, and certain holidays.My question is: we live in Alabama, and I have been reading the laws on whether a child has the right to make the decision of whether he has to go or not. I know how important it is for a child to have both parents a part of his life. I’m so torn because every other weekend I go through hell because he doesn’t want to go! Honestly, it’s a break for me to regroup for the next 2 weeks. His dad isn’t abusive, just has always had a hard time parenting his son. Great with our daughter, but shows major partiality towards her because she’s easier to please.I want my children happy, bottom line! I don’t have to talk bad about their dad, they see and feel it. They both are very open with me about their emotions and tell me everything. I’m smart enough to pull apart the reality verses the child in what they say. Their dad and I tried in the beginning to work together as parents, but he has chose to seperate himself from their everyday life unless it’s him talking to the kids leaving me out of the picture. He’s very irrational in his thinking which makes it almost impossible for us to carry on a rational conversation. It always leads to him feeling attacked. I’m just at a loss

    • Dr Paul says:

      What a difficult situation this is. Your instincts are absolutely right to avoid negativity. My short answer is to create the very best environment you possibly can within your own home. You don’t have control or say about how things happen outside of that space. Keep loving your children, and trust them to be able to handle whatever comes their way.