Deep Waters

By April 9, 2008 3 Comments

I read an inspiring message this week about how the shallow waters are compared to living a life focused on yourself – your job, your money, your house, your rights, your needs, your opinions, your ideas, and your comfort.  The deeper waters, in comparison, are about others – family, friends, community, faith, country, and commitment.  “Almost every dimension of your life can be held to the shallows or taken into the deeper water.  Your career, your involvement with others, your spouse and your children, your politics – each can be lived with you comfortably at the center.  Or, they can draw you out of yourself, into service and sacrifice, into selflessness.” – Mitt Romney.


I am so impressed with those who are fully immersed in life – doing all they can to add value to the lives of others.  These are the producers who also harvest huge returns for themselves.  Those who merely splash around in the shallows are rewarded only by their own sense of comfort.


Enjoy the swim!

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  • Holly says:

    Awesome article!! Thanks for sharing. Sent it to all of my friends!!

  • Dr. Paul says:

    Jenn, you are so kind, thank you. Of course you can publish any post you find here – just acknowledge and put in a link back to the blog. I should have given a full reference for the Romney quote. The full article is in “Professional Performance Magazine: Utah” Volume 16, Issue 1, page 10. There is a web link to the magazine at http://www.theperformancemagazine.com or to the specific article at http://www.theperformancemagazine.com/articles.php?id=93

  • Dr. Paul do I need your permission to publish your blog post on my blog?

    I found it almost humorous that you’re impressed by those who are fully immersed in doing all they can to add value to the lives of others because YOU are absolutely one of those people. You live this principle and are an inspiration to me.

    I’m also interested in finding the rest of this message that you refer to. Where do I go?