Would You Rather? You Decide!

Have you ever played the game, “Would You Rather?” It is a great way to find out how another person feels about something, really anything. All you do is present two options and ask, “Would You Rather?”

The questions can be simple from, “Would you rather attend a world-renowned symphony or a major league baseball game between the two worst teams in the league?” Or, more thought provoking, “Would you rather have three happy years left in your life or 50 unhappy years?”

With some questions, the choice is clear and sometimes it isn’t, but you have a choice.

When we are feeling stuck in our daily lives, we need to remember this simple truth, we have a choice and we can choose to give ourselves a fresh start in life. In a recent YouTube episode, I share five ways that will lead you to a fresh start in life.

1.     Make a Dream List – Throw away all the negatives and think the impossible. Write them down. Don’t skip this step, when you write something down, it changes something in your mind and creates energy that will change the game.

2.     Create a Stop Doing List – This can be anything and it can be something you are going to stop doing today or in the future. Again, writing down the items is the important first step.

3.     Take a Break – Give yourself the gift of a break. Let everyone know you aren’t going to be available that day and do something you enjoy.

4.     Have a Backwards Day – It can be as simple and changing the order or steps to a routine or doing something in an opposite way. You could put your clothes on backwards or drive a different route to work. Switching up how we do something sends a signal to your brain that things are being done different. It can get you thinking differently about other things in your life.

5.     Try something new. Try a new food, take a walk in a craft store and find something you have never done before.

So, back to our game, “Would you rather do things as you always have or would you rather get a fresh start in life?” Whichever option you take, just know that YOU have a CHOICE and YOU DECIDE.