How sure are you that six o'clock is coming?

Pretty darn sure?

How sure are you that you will be around for six o'clock?

Almost as sure?

Yes, six o'clock is coming, and most likely we are going to be around for six o'clock. I used to think that there were three options – I have narrowed it down to two because that third one is not even possible. I used to think that maybe things will be exactly the same at six o'clock as they are right now. Think about it, at the very least you will be a few hours older. You may be more hungry or more tired – it kind of depends on what you did just before six o'clock. Things will definitely NOT be the same at six o'clock.

If that is true, then by your own judgment things will be either better or worse by six o'clock. Either a little or a lot.

I sometimes give my audiences a bogus assignment to take a half hour off from the conference and somehow, through their own creative genius, make their life worse! Of course you would never do that (on purpose I mean), but look at how quickly your mind can come up with half a dozen ways to pull that off – and it wouldn't take a half hour!

What if we were to use that same creative genius to somehow make things better by six? I'm not talking here about next week, next month, or next year – just six o'clock. Pick some area of your life, your relationships, your business, your finances, your health… and make it better by six!

Pain is inevitable. Misery… is optional.

~ Tim Hansel

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