Befriending Yourself

By July 23, 2008 2 Comments

I have found through the course of my career, that we are often our own worst critics.  There is a passage in the New Testament in which we are encouraged to love our neighbor as ourselves.  But wait a minute… what would happen to all of our friends and neighbors if we actually treated them like we treat ourselves.  Can you imagine saying to your neighbor, “you’re just not good enough” or “you can’t do anything right”.  Be cautious about how you talk to yourself – use the same level of compassion and understanding that is easier to generate for others. 


Befriend yourself!

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  • Dr. Paul,

    Thanks for all your inspiring words. I look forward to receiving M-power each week. Today’s message especially hit home. I have a new affirmation that reads, “I am so happy and grateful now that I treat myself with the same kindness, love, and respect I extend to others.

    Best wishes,
    Diana Gourley

  • Joe Average says:

    That’s a great application of the “love your neighbour as yourself” statement. I received a similar comment on my post about forgiveness and fitness from “ladybeams”:

    One of the little things I try to ask myself when I start talking the “bad” talk is “would you say such horrible things to anyone else like this?” Most of the time the answer’s “no”. So why do it to myself? The lack of forgiveness is usually what prevents us from getting right back on track when we have a slip-up.

    Watch what you say when nobody can hear you! 🙂