Some people are gift givers.

They just seem to have a knack for picking out the right gift for a person and love to see the receiver’s reaction when they open it up. Giving gifts is more important to them than receiving gifts.

Over the last year as reports have come out about the pandemic and things have changed, then changed again, and changed again, and again, I have wished I could give some who are having a hard time a gift. 

The gift of courage. 

Courage to face the future with hope and move forward, even though it seems there are roadblocks along the way.

Courage to be more positive and grateful when life isn’t turning out the way we want it to be.

Courage to go ahead and take the next step in their journey at work or in love.

Courage to dream big and make plans for after the pandemic is over.

Courage to take the steps NOW to make those plans a reality.

I wish I could be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and hand out courage to those who need it.

We often think courage comes from within, but is it possible to give someone courage?

I think it is.

The word courage is in the word encourage.

The definition of encourage is to give support, confidence or hope to someone. 

Think of parents cheering their little athletes on from the sidelines. They are encouraging them. Who knows if that well-timed cheer, “You got this,” will give them the courage to try harder.

You give courage to your baby when you encourage them to take steps. You can also give courage to your teens when they find a subject difficult by sitting with them and helping them to study.

You give courage to someone when you praise their work. They are encouraged to try harder to share more and hopefully continue to make a difference in more and more lives.

You give courage to someone when you listen and accept them as they are vulnerable. 

You can be a Dorothy and give courage to another person as you encourage them with positivity.

Faint-hearted lions can become courageous.

You got this!

Dr. Paul