What is that one thing you know you should be doing, but aren’t?

For some it may be exercise, putting more into a relationship (spouse, child, parents), eating better, or getting enough sleep.

If you are trying to “fit” these things in, well, they probably aren’t going to happen – especially as we near the holidays and we find our calendars crammed with extras.

When someone tells me they “want” to do something and then don’t, that is when I know they are interested, just not committed.

Committed people make it happen.

Sometimes with giant steps, and sometimes with tiny steps.

Committed people don’t find roadblocks, they find a way around them.

Committed people put things on their calendars.

Committed people show their commitment by where they spend their hard-earned money.

Committed people look for ways to do things differently.

Committed people surround themselves with people who believe they can.

Are you interested or committed? 

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