There is a Tedx Talk called 7 Seconds of Courage, Choice, Not Chance by Charlene Wheeless. There have been 7 Seconds of Courage Challenges circulating among different social media platforms. 

Basically, take 7 seconds to get into a task you have been avoiding or need to get done. Using those 7 seconds to focus and begin the task will propel you toward finishing.

Those 7 seconds shift you from park into agent mode. And, powerful things happen when you are acting as an agent. 

When you are trapped in victimhood, you see things happening as being done to you. It feels personal. And this leads to feeling trapped in your circumstances.

You can use 7 seconds to shift your paradigm and see that what is happening is not personal. It just is. Seeing yourself as an agent puts you into action mode. That is when you will make real progress toward your goals and no longer feel trapped. You will feel liberated. 

What will you do in the next 7 seconds?


Want to know more? Listen to Live On Purpose Radio, Victim or Agent, Episode 490.