I just had a conversation with one of my clients that I really wanted to share with you. You know how we make a big deal about exercise and getting enough sleep and eating a balanced diet because we are taking care of our body? Her comment to me today was, “I feel better emotionally when I'm exercising.” It reminded me of an experience I had a couple of years ago with Ron Zeller. Ron is the author of Aging or Ageless. He is a world-class leadership expert. I got a chance to interview Ron just a few months before he passed away from cancer and this wasn't the first time he had cancer. He had lots of experience dealing with the body and health. As I was going into his home to interview him Ron said to me, “Paulie,” and he is the only person on the planet that calls me Paulie. He said, “Paulie, how old are you?” I was kind of playing around with him a little bit and I said, “Well, my twin sister is turning 52 next month,” something along those lines, and he chuckled a little bit. He said, “Paulie you're talking to me about the chronological age of your carbon-based earth suit.”  I'm like, “Earth suit?” Ron said, “Yeah, you know, like when you go to space you got to wear a spacesuit. Well, when you show up on earth you have to have an earth suit.” He was referring to the physical body that we have. This is your earth suit.

I thought well that's interesting because he was making a distinction between our body and who we really are. He asked me again, “Paulie, how old are you? How old are you, not your carbon-based earth suit? How old are you? You are ageless and living this way see there is this part of you that's inside of there that's inside of that earth suit that is your body and this is the real you.” I make that distinction in my trainings in another way. There is your brain and your mind. Your brain and your mind aren't the same thing. Your brain isn't your mind any more than your finger is your mind. Your brain is an organ in your head.

Getting back to the conversation I had with my client this morning when she said she feels better emotionally when she exercises, it is totally true. Because your brain is where we regulate emotions and where thought occurs. Your mind uses your brain but you're not your brain anymore than you are your body and so this this distinction. When I exercise, when I eat right, when I get enough sleep, I'm taking care of my earth suit and that allows me to function better as a person, as a human being.

I thought that was a very useful idea so if you want more information, you can get Ron’s book, Aging and Ageless on Amazon. The idea that we need to take care of the equipment that houses the real us is so important. I am also offering you a copy of my book, Pathological Positivity for the cost of shipping at www.drpauljenkins.com/

And may I also take this moment to wish you all a happy holiday season whatever it is that you celebrate. My family and I celebrate Christmas in the Christian tradition and we have so many friends who are celebrating Kwanzaa or Hanukkah. Whatever your holiday is I just want you to know that I love you and I honor you for who you are. All the best.