It happens in marriages; it happens in families. It happens at work, school and in your community.


There are always problems.

News alert: There will always be problems… If you see them as problems.

In my book, Pathological Positivity, I talk about “propportunities.” 

Instead of seeing a problem, see an opportunity. 

Changing the name gets our minds working.

We know that words are just words. Words get their power when we attach meaning to them.

Problem. The attached meaning is negative, bad, something we want to avoid.

Opportunity. The chance to do something. We get to decide the action we will take.

Problems seem like they happen to us, without our consent. We become passive and it is easy to slip into victim mode.

Opportunities are something we buy into and therefore our chances of handling them in a successful way increase. We also gain valuable personal development when we solve problems in a mature way. 

Problems, they are to be avoided, look the other way, pretend they aren’t there. What elephant? In this room?

Then, what is that big gray thing in the corner?

Which one would serve you better?

Seeing the elephant as a propportunity, or attempting to ignore it?

Free up some space in the relationship and address the elephant. We can help.