How are you feeling today? Last time I gave you some ideas on how to create peace of mind by:

1) Getting clear on our sphere of influence and spending more time there and,

2) Figuring out our triggers and making a plan to limit or control them

If you missed these you can find the blog article here.

The next tip for creating peace is in the music we listen to. I have found that we often try to match our music to our mood and if you are feeling upset or angry it's easy to gravitate toward that upset, angry music. 

I am suggesting that we can use music to change our mood. It is not easy because if you are feeling upset and angry, you are kind of resonating at this upset, angry level. 

Some of you might be aware of a concept in physics and music called sympathetic resonance. If you start a tuning fork singing and you run it along the strings of a harp without touching them, when you get to the one that's at the same frequency, it will start to sing right along with the tuning fork. 

It's a really cool phenomena. Whatever is attuned to that frequency is going to resonate with it. Pick a frequency and choose your music to match it.

If we go to a different energy of peace and love and joy, that's not the same frequency as what you have been on and so there's some dissonance there. When you change the energy, you can actually bring your mood along to match the music. 

Warning: it won't feel natural at first.

Sometimes things get harder before they get easier. Don't be dissuaded by that because sometimes it's simply developing a new skill set and that can cause some frustration when you are just starting out. If you are used to carrying a lot of tension and anger and distress, taking some intentional steps toward choosing peace isn't necessarily going to come naturally at first. 

but it will come

Making your world more peaceful doesn’t mean things will be a bed of roses. You will still have that one family member who annoys you, and that one coworker is still going to be there when you go to work the next day. 

Choosing peace is something we get to do every day, perhaps every hour. It is part of Living On Purpose. Thanks for being a part of our community. .

“Nobody can bring you peace but yourself.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson