Successful relationships are not magic, and they are not due to luck. At Live On Purpose TV you will find how to build better relationships with the YouTube video, “9 Secrets to Build a Healthy Relationship.”

Dr. John Gottman has done some incredible research on marital relationships. His findings translate to almost any relationship we experience. He says that 70% of problems in relationship are unresolvable. How does that make you feel? Relieved or exasperated? All it really says is that we are different and can expect conflict because of our differences, but differences by themselves aren’t bad. They are what give us a reason to have a relationship. Differences are what make us interesting and relevant to each other. And, these differences were found in couples who reported themselves as happily married and those who reported not being happy in their marriage.

The 9 Secrets to Build a Healthy Relationship will get you in the happy group and keep you there.

1.      Positivity – Choose positivity that leads to seeking ways to create a better relationship.

2.      Values – Religion, prayer or mindfulness, whatever you call it, decide on a higher purpose for your relationship.

3.      Humility – Accept that you may not be right.

4.      Forgiveness – Be willing to let someone change. Don’t bring up the past.

5.      Respect – Listen and find value.

6.      Love – Your job is to love, get rid of judgment.

7.      Compassion – Combines love with kindness and gentleness.

8.      Hard work – What we work for we normally get in life, work for better relationships.

9.      Recreational Activities – If you are not having fun, you are doing something wrong.

Now you know why some relationships are successful and others either disintegrate or blow up like a stick of dynamite. You can do something about the relationships in your life. Go implement the 9 Secrets and enjoy more meaningful relationships today.

The function of redemptive love, both god's and a man's, is not to make the sinner feel better about his past, it's to give him back his future.”

~Quote relayed by DJ Fether on Story Corps podcast