For most of you that read this newsletter, fall is just around the corner. I know many don’t want to hear that, but it will happen regardless if we choose to put our fingers in our ears and close our eyes.

With the change in seasons, many kids are heading back to school and new routines.

I recently had a comment left by a parent on YouTube on a video I did about self-worth. 

The parent talked about challenging their kids to do something and they pushed the kids a bit instead of stepping in and doing it themselves. They let them struggle a bit though they were there supervising the whole time and encouraging them. 

Of course, at the beginning, the kids weren’t happy about this, but as time went on and they got the hang of doing something they didn’t think they could, well everything changed. 

Their demeanor changed. 

Their countenance changed.

Their confidence soared and they learned that they could do a hard thing. In the words of the parent, “It was amazing.”

If you are facing a hard task or your children are facing new challenges, think about this. Don’t rush in and do hard things for your kids, leave them to struggle and encourage them.

If you are facing a hard thing, give yourself patience as you navigate unknown territory.

I hope every one of you have the same experience this parent did many, many times this fall.

We CAN do hard things and we can allow those around us to do hard things.

That is how we learn and how our confidence grows.


“Keep doing the hard things until the hard things become easy things.”