Some people are surprised when they find out that I use coaches. I am a coach, and at different times in my career, I have sought out coaches and paid them a lot of money to coach me.

To some this seems weird, if you are a coach, then why would you need one? 

Because we are multi-dimensional human beings. 

And I don’t claim to know everything about everything.

When I started as a psychologist I thought I would see “patients” in a practice and hopefully one day maybe even own my own practice. I thought I would get referrals, see patients, diagnose them, come up with a treatment plan, and bill insurance (and I found out re-bill insurance again and again until I got paid).

I am still a psychologist, but I don’t see “patients” any longer and I don’t diagnose or bill insurance. 

I have clients who I get to work with to meet their goals.

This is the beauty of coaching.

It isn’t dictated by any outside entity. The client decides what they want to work on and they find someone who can help them get to where they want to go.

For me that has meant having a speaking coach to help me to become a speaker. 

It has meant finding a business coach to help me redefine my model of working with people.

It has meant finding the right person to help me write a book.

Is there an area in your life where you feel you are stuck or struggling and want some help to move forward? That is what coaches do. 

They challenge your beliefs.

They empower you to step out of your comfort zone.

They provide feedback.

They give you clarity.

They have experience and expertise to help you to be more successful.

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Most people wouldn’t think twice about getting a coach to help them in their chosen sport. Why not get a coach to help you in the biggest, most important game you will ever play? Life!

Dr. Paul