You know I'm a fan of group coaching, but you may still be hesitant.

And that's o.k.

I want to share with you what a real member of Live On Purpose Central said about the group coaching we do weekly. This is part of the actual email:

  1. Getting your advice is really helpful. Little snippets of information on how to apply simple models to my life gives me new ways of thinking.
  2. Being in front of other people and being recorded pushes me to do more summary thinking which I find has added power to change my thinking and habits.
  3. Hearing other people struggle helps promote positive evaluation (e.g., it is normal to struggle)
  4. Hearing other people’s stories gives me a story bank to remember and talk about the application of the principles / models
  5. Hearing other people’s stories gives me the opportunity to try and solve their problems (e.g., what would I say) before you answer, which I think can be helpful practice that will make me better recognize scenarios where I can apply the models in my own life

Thanks again – this live coaching has really had a major impact on my thinking / direction in life It was a barrier for me to get through the recorded aspect (e.g., what if someone I know or future clients were to watch the videos and form an opinion of me), but since I’ve gotten over that its been a really positive experience for me to be involved in this.

(Just so you know, the recordings are kept for a limited time and then taken down from Live On Purpose Central.)

This email came to mind because of what someone said Tuesday at Live On Purpose Central about the value they get from listening to me interact with other individuals.

We focus on the principles and that is why even though our situations are not exactly the same, we know what we need and we pick up the principles that apply to us and can then apply them to our situation.

It really works. If it didn't we would have moved on to something else.

I hope you can join us and in order to check out Live On Purpose Central for 30 days for $7.47 here is a LINK.

I hope to see you at the next Ask Dr. Paul event.