Computers are amazing.

There is one tool on my computer that comes in handy. I seem to use it more now than I used to. Perhaps it has something to do with my twin sister having a birthday recently. 

It is the zoom tool. 

When I need to see more detail, I zoom in. 

Sometimes when I am looking up a new location I zoom out – to see what is around where I am going so I can get familiar with the area. 

It is helpful in our lives to zoom in and out.

When we want to work on a specific area, we zoom in. We focus to get more clarity and evaluate if a change needs to be made.

In working with clients I sometimes help them to zoom in on exactly what it is that is causing them discomfort or identify the irritant.

It can be obvious to everyone around us what is going on, but often we need help in zeroing in on what is wrong so we can address the problem.

Remember I like to say that my job is to call attention to what is obvious, but often unseen or unnoticed?

And then I will be working with a client who is zeroed in on one aspect of their life. On one conversation in a relationship. On one incident that happened in 5 years of working at a company.

In that context, it is often helpful to zoom out. 

To take a broader look at what is happening and possibly even to zoom out to see what is around, who is around and what is coming up ahead.

This can lead us to new paths, new approaches to deal with situations, and relationships.

It can help us figure out what is really important and let go of the little things. It can help us to forget about little irritants, because we know we are after a bigger goal. It can help to change our mindset. 

There are benefits to zooming in and zooming out.

If you are stuck in a problem and feel like you are spinning your wheels and getting nowhere, try zooming in and then zooming out. 

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Dr. Paul