During the course of your day, who do you talk to the most?

Your spouse?

Your kids?

Your boss?

Your co-worker?

Nope, the answer is YOU.

A study suggests that we have around 6,200 thoughts per day. (I need a quick geek moment. OUR BRAINS ARE AMAZING!)

OK, of those thoughts, how many are positive?

  1. 45%
  2. 80%
  3. 20%
  4. 60%

The answer is C – 20%.

If you hung around with someone who 80% of the time spouted negative thoughts, would you continue to hang around them? Probably not. 

Yet we do that to ourselves.

We do that to the person who we should be encouraging and supporting. Not only because positive people help to improve ourselves, but because we are positive and feeling good about ourselves, we can have a more positive impact on those around us. It is a win/win.

I know a thing or two about changing negative thoughts into positive ones. My course Positivity Power-Up can help you to dive deep and change those negative thoughts into positive ones. 

You can access the course in two ways.

You can buy it HERE

Or it is available along with all my other courses, books and discussion groups at the members site LOPC

Imagine if you could flip the numbers and have 4,960 positive thoughts a day. That is the beauty of being Pathologically Positive.

Dr. Paul