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Until You See it as a Choice, It’s Not

By November 6, 2017 No Comments

You’ve heard it before right? Happiness is a choice. That can sometimes be offensive, especially when I’m not feeling happy. What are you saying? That it’s my fault?!

The thing is, until we see it as a choice, it’s not. This is because of a process in our own mind that puts most of our thinking on auto-pilot. We don’t even think about things that we have already programmed into the neural pathways of our mind, so the very processes causing our emotional experience are not even noticed. They are obvious, but unnoticed, until they are called to our attention. This is why I love my job so much – I get to illuminate the obvious, which puts people in position to actually have more choice and control.

I’ve summarized the two main processes that make happiness a choice (evaluation and creation) in this 16-minute video. Will you help me share this empowering content? Please take a moment to view the video and subscribe and share. Starting today, you will get daily videos at Live On Purpose TV exclusively designed to increase happiness – by choice.


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