To-Do lists. 

You know how they work.

By writing everything down you have a better chance of getting tasks done because you are more likely to remember them and there is a physical reminder staring at you from your desk.

I have even been known to add an item to the list just so I could cross it off.

How crazy is that? It doesn’t even serve as a reminder at that point, the task is already done! 

I want the feeling of accomplishment, so I write it down and immediately cross it off with a flourish of my wrist.

Have you ever made a to-do list and were not able to cross anything off?

The helpful list turns out to be worse than a nagging boss as the items scream at you from the paper. Every uncrossed word signals to you that you are an utter failure. 

You aren’t, but that is how it feels.

The negative self-talk begins.

The fact is we sometimes put items on the list that we aren’t quite ready to do.

We know we should, but we aren’t ready yet.

We might not have enough information, enough time, enough supplies, or support in order to do them right now.

What if we made a Maybe To-Do List?

Things that we know we should do, but aren’t able to cross off yet.

Then figure out your first step to get you on the path to success. It might be a little more information, a little more support or materials to put you in a position to begin the task. 

Then anticipate “the feeling” you will get when you are finally able to cross it off.

After all, that is why we create to-do lists, so we can enjoy “the feeling.”

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