Reframe Failure as Miss Takes

By M-Power

When we film for YouTube, sometimes we have miss takes. Our miss takes occur because we might have set up the lighting at the wrong angle, a loud noise occurred or I just messed up. The film is stopped and we begin again.  We get tipped over when we look at our mistakes as failures. That word leads to a different perspective that causes people to give up.  The fear of failure causes people to not even venture, to not even try something because they are afraid of failing.  We rob ourselves of valuable learning experiences by not trying.   If we can reframe our fear of failure a little differently, then we might want to try again. Robert Kiyosaki is the best-selling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, and he said, if you really want to succeed, start failing faster.  He knows that on the road to success, there are going to be miss…

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